Sillé Market

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Bio Guy

Market vendor selling his home grown bio goods

A fantastic visit to Sillé Le Guillaume Market. I try & get to the market when ever possible so was very pleased to be there last Wednesday on a beautiful sunny day. The bio veg man had the most amazing tomatoes, very oddly shaped but tasted like tomatoes should taste,fantastic. He must have grown at least 7 different types of squash as well, so guess who’s having roasted squash for dinner served with tomatoes in olive oil and coarse salt?!  There’s something about wondering around the stalls with their wide variety of goods. There are a few plant stalls selling lettuce, cabbage & loads of other seedlings ready to see us through the winter months. Fresh fish, Olive stalls such a large choice….

Cheese stall

Just a small selection on offer !

Who could begin to know how many different varieties of cheese this van has, the photos only shows about a third of his wares! There must be every cheese you could ever wish for here, including sheep & Goats cheese, the only one missing is English Cheddar but ask a French man & he will tell you it is Savon (soap!!) how rude is that !!! I think secretly they like it just don’t like to admit to it.

Just time for a cup of coffee from the Bar in the square then back home. Perfect!!




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