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Accommodation per person per night (breakfast included)5550
Single Supplement2522
Evening Meal (per person - includes house wine)3027
Deposit (per person)3027
Children 11 Years & Under - Accommodation

Children 11 Years & Under - 2 Course Evening Meal
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Half Price

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Here at Les Vallées we take your privacy seriously. Your details are not passed on or sold to any third parties whatsoever. We promise to only use your details to contact you directly ourselves. Occasionally (and we genuinely do mean occasionally!) we may contact you about offers or promotions.
  • Post Address (a map is available on the Travel page)
    Les Vallees
    Saint Martin de Connee
    Tel. 0033 (0) 243374984 (if dialling from the UK, miss out the 0 in brackets)
  • Banking Details
    We have a UK bank as well as a PayPal account where we can accept money for bookings. This information will be supplied to you prior to booking, please enquire for more details.